Daring for Development

What is it?

At Uppertunity, we offer a program that is aimed at individuals with learning disabilities and additional support needs who are looking to connect with their own aspirations. This program is all about building skills that can be used throughout life and developing the

unique talents of the individual. The program takes place over 12 weeks and involves various groups and workshops, as well as one on one support.

What does it involve?


- Individuals attending groups and workshops, such as money management, cooking skills, safe travel and goal setting (44 workshops in total)

- Completing a volunteer placement, and receiving support in trying different volunteer roles

- Receiving one on one support

- Receiving support in sourcing activities outside of our own program

- Taking part in therapeutic activities

- Taking part in team building

How does it work?

When an individual initially joins the program, one to one conversations will take place between the individual and the manager to create a personal journey plan. This plan will articulate how the person sees themselves at that moment in time and what personal goals they have for themselves, as well as their current capacity. 

The Individuals journey plan will include:


- An initial introduction of the individual, program and activities, which will be 12 weeks long

- Attending workshops 3 to 4 times a week at Uppertunity’s premises

- Over 90 hours of support and workshops in total

- Take part in a volunteer role. This can be through one of Uppertunity’s volunteer roles. If the individual would like to take part in a different volunteer role, Uppertunity will support them to find, apply and take part in this role

- Learn about being an entrepreneur. This is optional, where individuals learn about how to create a mini business out of their creative skill, and take part in a craft fair

- Learn about mindfulness and yoga and use this in everyday life

- Take part in a group bonding day at the end of the program

- Individuals will receive 5 hours of one on one support and counselling. This is used throughout the program

- Individuals are invited to attend Uppertunity’s other weekly social groups. The individual will also receive support in finding other activities if they wish

- Continued support after the 12 weeks is complete



- Cooking & Food Hygiene 

- Caring for Personal Needs

- Getting Around in the Community

- Safe Socialising

- Socialising Games

- Money Management

- Self-Awareness and Goal Setting

- Living Independently

- Working and Volunteering

- Stress Management

All groups and sessions will take place at Uppertunity's premises: The Circle, 4 – 6 Staffa Place, DD2 3SX. Timetable of workshops are given when individuals sign up.

When is it?


Below are the current blocks for 2019. Further dates will be released soon.

- 28th January till the 21st of April 2019

How much does it cost?


The full program costs £180 a month (£540 for the full 12 weeks). This can be paid in instalments. For more details on how to pay, an initial meeting will be set up to go over what is best for the joining individual, as well as to discuss methods of payment and if support is needed.

Individual's can receive support through Individual Learning Fund if aged between 16 and 21.

How can I refer someone or join?

Anyone who would like to better themselves can join. The individual has to be 15 years or older, and the program is open to individuals who have a learning, physical or mental health barrier. Please get in touch to receive a referral form and to set up an initial meeting. This meeting lets us get to know the individual and to fully explain the program, and go over the timetable.